About DECO Forma

Who we are

DECO protects consumer rights and interests, helping them to solve their problems in order to exercise basic rights: access to information for a better choice, quality of goods and services, right to education, justice, health and safety. With this purpose, DECO develops projects to promote education and training on consumption field because it’s urgent empower consumers’ confidence on market and aware business about the economic power of informed and respected consumers.

DECO FORMA acts on two areas:

  1. Professional Training: Each capacity building program related to consumer rights field, allows the acquisition of new skills and knowledges and the development of awareness about consumers as an added value for companies.In this way it’s possible create a market where citizens are aware their rights as consumers are respected so that they can contribute to the growth of competitiveness. Bet on consumption training is a good practice to distinguish an organization of the other and consumer knows that.
  2. Informative Workshops & Seminars in emerging areas of consumption to empower consumers with knowledge and tools that allows them to do the best sustainable practices. It is important enhance consumers’ confidence and improve consumers’ information and awareness of their rights facilitating the access to resolution mechanisms and helping them to incorporate consumer rights legislation in their daily life, reflecting about consumption dilemmas.

These training programmes are extremely important in order to strength consumers and consumer professionals on Consumption issues. During the last 20 years DECO conducted these Programs in Consumption thematic, for professionals of several areas who needed to improve or update their soft and hard skills.

Our Training is designed considering DECO experience on consumer complaints and information requires, which provide us a solid knowledge about business behaviour and consumer needs.

Training Areas

What we do

Informative Workshops for Consumers

Emerging consumption issues | Short Term (2-3h) | Soft Skills

Workshops in consumption areas to empower consumers and allow them to do the best decisions and have the power to choose and purchase with sustainability.

Partnerships with Universities

Consumer Law | Long Term (>16h) | Hard Skills

Our courses in partnership with Academy are mainly for managers and specialized technicians, highlighting the importance and economic value of consumer rights for their business.

Open Training Programs

Consumer Law and Consumption Practices | Short Term (8-16h) | Hard Skills

Capacity Building Programmes in specific consumption areas that are designed to all consumer professionals (despite each program being held to a specific target). These courses have as main goal the improvement of sustainability on consumer practices, the acquisition of knowledge and the sharing of best practices connected with emerging needs in the consumption area. In this way, these programmes intend that professional of different areas could be aligned with consumption legislation and capable to give a better service to their consumers.

Customized Training

Consumer Law and Consumption Practices | Long Term (>16h) | Hard Skills

For specific needs of their employees, companies require customized programs that give them specific answers considering their organizational identity and culture. Each training course is tailored for each organization and for this reason it is faster, more flexible and with effective and powerful outputs. Trough appropriate formats and methodologies with our Workshops and Professional Training we can give a solid and appropriate knowledge based on company behaviour on the market and consumer needs.


Consumer Rights | Short Term (2-3h) | Soft Skills

Our seminars intend to promote discussion on emerging issues, bringing different ways of thinking and multiple knowledge. Seminars are open to all community and they contribute to putting on the agenda the importance of consumer rights investment.

Quality Policy

In the 90’s, DECO was pioneer in Consumer Rights/Consumer Law continuous training for young law graduates and since 1997 DECO has been accredited. Due to this quality recognition we design, organize, promote and develop Training Activities, according to the quality parameters referenced by DGERT.

Since December 2016, in the pursuit of the quality parameters that Ministry of Labour, Solidarity and Social Security requires, DECO is certified by DGERT in the following training areas:

090 – General Programs: Personal Development

380 – Social Sciences, Trade and Law

Over the past 40 years we have learned and now we share, inviting stakeholders, companies and public bodies that in the context of their consumer relations want professionals with knowledge and skills on consumption relationships. On this way, they could connect with us through Professional Training, Workshops or other training events, all over the country with the support of DECO Delegations.

Over the years DECO established Training Partnerships with Governmental Bodies, Public and Private Organizations and Universities in different areas. DECO is represented in BEUC (European Consumer Organization), CI (Consumers International) CONSUMARE (International Organization of Portuguese-speaking Consumers Associations), ANEC and Euroconsumers.